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Used in Coal mining Operators

Sep. 06, 2020
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Strengthening daily gas management is an important part of coal mine safety work. The daily management of gas is to establish a patrol gas inspection system, which requires tile inspectors to continuously check the ventilation and gas concentration of underground wells. When the local accumulation of gas is found, it is necessary to deal with it immediately. Therefore, tile inspectors in the underground work, to strictly implement the coal mine safety regulations, no empty shift missing inspection. "Coal mine safety regulations" stipulates that the inspection times of gas concentration in all mining working faces are as follows: at least 2 times for each shift in low gas mine; 3 times at least for each shift in high gas mine; for the mining working face with coal (rock) and gas (CO2) outburst risk, the individual mining working face with large gas emission and abnormal change must be specially assigned to check gas or CO2, and Gas automatic detection alarm power-off device is set. For outburst mine, gas outburst prediction should be done well. Daily gas management is one of the important measures to prevent gas explosion accidents.

Fire source is one of the basic conditions to cause mine gas explosion. It is necessary to carry out the safety regulations of coal mine seriously, put an end to all non production fire sources underground, and strictly manage and limit the fire sources and heat sources that may occur in production. It is strictly forbidden to use the wire stringing electric locomotive in the underground. In the production, separate power supply, three special and two locking, double fan and double power supply and other measures are taken to limit the occurrence of fire source.

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